New firmwares for DSLR

Following the availability of the Rear Converter HD PENTAX-DA AF 1.4x AW, Ricoh Imaging is releasing new firmwares for its range of K mount DSLR and hybrid cameras : K-7; K-r ; K-01 ; K-5 ; K-5II ; K-5IIs ; K-30 ; K-50 ; K-500 et K-3.

You can download the requested version within the download section below.

zip 20.0 MiB
zip 19.9 MiB
zip 19.1 MiB
zip 19.1 MiB
zip 17.8 MiB
zip 18.5 MiB
zip 18.8 MiB
zip 19.8 MiB
zip 25.4 MiB
zip Firmware K01_1.05 56.8 MiB
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