The Download page of the Wi-Fi application software 「Image Sync」 is Temporarily Unavailable

We found that when the specific channel is selected for 「Image Sync」 in use, it may exceed applied output level. Therefore, we will close the download page temporarily until we will be ready for updated new version of software.

We are very sorry for your inconvenience but please be patient for reopen the download page.

【Subjected Application】
Image Sync (Android and iOS)

【Reason for temporary closed】
We have confirmed that if No. 6 is selected at the channel setting, it may function at exceeded level of applied output.

*The customer who already download the software, please set the channel at No.1(default setting) to No.5 or No.7 to No.11, then there will be no problem to use, and when we reopen the download page, please update new version.
【Expected date for reopen the site】
Android version:Beginning of July
iOS version:End of July

※ Android is the Trademark of Google Inc.
※ Trademark of  iOS is used by the license of  Cisco America.
※ The Company name and product name mentioned here are trademark for each Company.

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