PENTAX K-1 Upgrade Service - Limited Offer

RICOH IMAGING is pleased to introduce the PENTAX K-1 upgrade service, which allows PENTAX K-1 users to add the advanced functions of the new PENTAX K-1 Mark II to their PENTAX K-1 cameras.

Main improvement of performance

Improve high sensitivity by accelerator unit.

As the combination of PRIME IV and the RICOH developed Accelerator Unit drastically reduces noise, allowing for high sensitivity up to ISO819,200.

Improve Auto Focus performance.

K-1 Mark II has a latest algorithm that realizes high speed up for Auto focus. Furthermore, even in situations where the color of the model and the background are the similar, the movement of the subject is accurately captured.

Dynamic Pixel Shift Resolution.

The K-1 Mark II has a Dynamic Pixel Shift Resolution. This technology is a revolutionary technology which comes from reverse thinking to utilize the minute camera shake itself to produce the composite images.

* Dynamic Pixel Shift Resolution can be effectively used during low light situations even without tripod.

* When you can use a Dynamic Pixel Shift Resolution, please don’t use tripod.


Comparison [Dynamic Pixel Shift Resolution mode] between Normal shooting.

Pixel Shift Resolution: OFF

Dynamic Pixel Shift Resolution mode: (Image Stabiliztation ON)


Change the mark on front lower right from [SR] to [II]
Change the certification seal on bottom side from [PENTAX K-1] to [PENTAX K-1 Mark II].

Important notice: When you take an upgrade service, change the specification from [PENTAX K-1] to [PENTAX K-1 Mark II] as followings.

  • Number of recordable images decrease from Approx. 760 -> Approx. 670

    *With a fully-recharged Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery.

  • Continuous Shooting [APS-C size] (Max. approx. 6.5fpc -> approx. 6.4 fps)
  • Not compatible RAW file of PENTAX K-1.

Ordering period

  • From 21st May, 2018 to 30th September, 2018
  • Please do not send in your camera for upgrade prior to the start date.

Ordering procedure

  • Download the K-1 Upgrade Application Form, provide personal information and print document
  • Contact your Service Center for additional information regarding cost, service time estimate and transportation
  • Carefully wrap your camera for protection and send with the Application Form to the Service Center

Download K-1 Upgrade Application Form here


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Available Service Centers

Country Service Center Phone Email/Website
Netherlands Rüdiger Maerz GmbH  
Süderstraße 75a (Eingang Haus 77)
20097 Hamburg
Tel: +49 407 314 077
Netherlands Nikken TECHNO France
4 Cour du Chêne Vert
Entreé par le 48 rue de Charenton
75012 Paris
Tel: +33 1 40 21 37 39
naar boven