Hans Duijghuisen & PENTAX K1

My name is Hans Duijghuisen, I was born in 1962. At the age of thirteen I got my first camera and immediately loved it. At sixteen it became a really serious hobby. I worked as an assistant photographer for six months in 1981, even made my first weddingshoot in that period. Then I joined the Dutch Army Medical Corps and retired after twelve years as a sergeant Major at the age of thirty-one to start our own professional photo studio in 1993.

We first tried working for myself from our home since 1991. In the mean time I studied at the School for Professional Photography in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands and ended the four year study with the award for best exam and best portrait award. Since 1993 I specialize in people photography with shows in great portraits of baby’s till elderly persons. In all these years I am privileged that my wife Ria is supporting me fulltime in our business. We also have two employees in our company.

Since we started we have been really active in our business, this resulted in several awards:

    2016 Bronze Award Nude-Art photography L'Ete des Portraits Bourbon-Lancy France.
    2014 Member of Panel at Belgium organization for professional photographers
    2014 Full membership of Belgium Organization of professional photographers (NVBF)
    2013 Best quality label for ID pictures in the Netherlands.
    2010 Given a seminar in Tallin, Estonia for portrait and wedding photography
    2009 Professional Imaging Nomination pets portraits contest.
    2008 Tros Radar television award for best service in the Netherlands  for the year 2007-2008
    2008 Tros Radar Television Award for best service in januari 2008.
    2004 untill 2011 chairman of the jury for a regional photographic contest.
    2001 Member of the jury for a national photographic contest for Dutch Institute of Professional Photography. (D.I.P.P.)
    2000 Seminar for D.I.P.P. on marketing and presentation of portrait photography.
    1999 Associate of Dutch Institute of Professional Photography.
    1998 Licentiate of Dutch Institute of Professional Photography
    1997 Best Fotoplus store in the Netherlands.
    1996 Nominated in top three for best FotoPlus store in the Netherlands.
    1995 Seminar portrait photography given to members of the Dutch Guild of Professional Photographers.
    1995 Nominated in top three for best FotoPlus store in the Netherlands.
    1994 Founder of "Contrast photo club Maas and Waal"
    1994 Allround examination Professional photographer at the School for Professional Photography in Apeldoorn, gold award best portrait.
    1993 Official recognition from Dutch Guild of professional Photographers.

We still join masterclasses all over Europe.

I started working with my first Pentax P30 camera in 1984 and never stopped working with this great system It joined me on many missions while I was in the Army and never once let me down. I did my study with a second hand Super A and just loved how superior it was working. It lasted many, many years of excellent service for me. In the meanwhile I shot my portraits with a Hasselblad because Pentax did not have a full frame digital camera. In 2016 the new Pentax K1 came to my attention and I got to try it in August. After working with it and testing it to the max I was completely convinced of the superior quality and bought me a K1 with the F2,8  28-70mm and a F 2,8  70-200mm. I still have my older lenses that fit perfectly to this system. And I sold my digital Hasselblad! Now I’m working with Pentax as my only camerabrand and I must say I’m absolutely satisfied with the great outcome of the RAW files. I process them in Capture One Pro to get the best results in skin tones and workflow. Even black and white is absolutely superior in Capture One Pro in combination with the Pentax PEF files. I expect to be working with Pentax long after I hope to retire.(Whenever that might be…)

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